The Android mobile device emulator is included in the Android SDK that is used to runs on the computer.The Android mobile emulator helps to develop and test the android application without using Android mobile phone.So an android phone is not necessary to test the application.

         But all type of applications cannot be tested in the android mobile emulator such as camera applications..etc.The Android Emulator Keyword shortcuts makes the application development more faster and easier.

           The android emulator shows all the hardware and software requirements as like in a Android mobile device.Before running the application in the android emulator we need to create an emulator interface using AVD Manager which is included in Android SDK.

          This tutorials helps to use the bellow shortcuts for easy usage of android mobile emulator.Check it out the bellow shortcuts.


Emulator Device Key Keyboard Key
Back Esc
Menu (left softkey) F2 or Page-up button
Star (right softkey) Shift-F2 or Page Down
Call/dial button F3
Hangup/end call button F4
Search F5
Toggle trackball mode F6
Enter trackball mode temporarily Delete
DPad left/up/right/down KEYPAD_4/8/6/2
DPad center click KEYPAD_5
Onion alpha increase/decrease KEYPAD_MULTIPLY(*) / KEYPAD_DIVIDE(/)
Power button F7
Audio volume up button KEYPAD_PLUS, Ctrl-5
Audio volume down button KEYPAD_MINUS, Ctrl-F6
Camera button Ctrl-KEYPAD_5, Ctrl-F3
Switch to previous layout orientation KEYPAD_7, Ctrl-F11
Switch to next layout orientation KEYPAD_9, Ctrl-F12
Toggle cell networking on/off F8
Toggle code profiling F9
Toggle fullscreen mode Alt-Enter