Hi, we are going to learn How to create Virtual Credit Card using Entropay. Most of you doesn’t know about Entropay .Entropay is an online platform which helps you to create prepaid Virtual Credit Card.We all know that getting a Credit Card from a bank is very difficult. In this case, Entropay helps us a lot with a small commission charge.

Let’s learn how to create a virtual credit card using Entropay.


1. Go to Entropay


2. In the Entropay home page, click into Sign Up Now button in the right side.


3. After fill all information, click on “ GET YOUR CARD ” button.It will redirects to Entropay home page.

4. In the home page,click on ADD NEW CARD button.


5. So next,they ask for Card friendly name.Fill your name or company name.


6. After that,Click on “Fund Instantly by credit card” button.


7. Here we are going to use our debit card to top up our Virtual Credit Card.

8. Select your currency and make sure your debit card is working properly and give you card number and CVV number and amount you need to top up in your virtual credit card.


9. Google needs $25 for the account but please put extra one dollar to a safety for hidden charge.

10. In the next page ,Entropay will need their commission and top using your debit card security code.

11. After completing, the process wait for alert your bank account debit details, and confirm your money is transferred. Then only go forward for buying things.


12. If everything is fine.Go can go back to Google Developer Console for buying the account.

Hope this tutorial will helps lot o android lovers and sends your feedbacks.