How to sign up for Google Play Developer Account

Every Android user is known well about Google Play but there are very rare that knows about Google Developer Console Account. Google provides facility for developers to create account to add their own applications.

Now we are going to learn how to create a Google Developer Console. It is not as easier to Sign In for a mail server like Gmail, Yahoo mail….Etc.

Google will collect $25 per year for every account. So you need to transfer $25 for this purpose. In INDIA about 75% of people don’t have Credit Card. Google only receive money from Credit cards.This problem is facing by so many fresh developers who wishes to come forward to this field.

But it is possible to create using debit cards through Entropay.

Entropay is used to create Virtual Credit Cards. Before going to Sign in for Google Developer Console, please refer the bellow link.

Refer:- How to create Virtual Credit Card


1. Go to Google Developer Console


2. In the above Google Developer Console Sign In page shows Google’s policies regarding the account and describe about $25 to pay.

3. Accept the policy and click the “Continue to payment “button.


4. In this page, Google Wallet form will appear it shows Account details and Credit card number..Etc.

5. Notice that you have Credit card number and CVC from Entropay or original Credit Card.


6. After filling everything, click “Accept and continue” button.

7. If everything is fine, it will redirects to Google Console Dashboard as shown bellow. If not add your credit card by directly add to Google Wallet.


8. Hence, your Google Developer Account is successfully created.


Hope this tutorial will helps many android developers and please provide your comments.